Toddlerhood Smiley Toddler Graphic Tee in Ash

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Product Overview

Toddlerhood Smiley Ash Grey Tee

About the Toddlerhood Smiley Toddler Graphic Tee: 

We love a trendy toddler graphic tee and this Toddlerhood design is a FUN graphic tee for all year long. We love the combination of bright colors printed on a light ash colored toddler t-shirt. The toddlerhood smiley graphic tee is perfect for your little rad toddler’s play dates, school days, zoo trips, and more. Plus, when they’re wearing our Toddlerhood Smiley Toddler Graphic Tee, everyone around will know you’re all embracing the long (but fun!) days of ‘toddlerhood.’ 

Grab one now in sizes 12M up to a 5 - while they last! We have very limited quantities in these tees and know you’ll love it for all of your fun times ahead! 

Fit: true-to-size, we suggest sizing up one size so if the shirt shrinks any it still works! We do recommend hanging to dry for longevity as always! 

Garment Instructions:

We recommend washing inside out with like colors and hanging to dry for longevity!