About Us

About To the Moon | Baby & Children's Brand

We are a family-owned children's brand based out of Mid-Missouri - founded by three sisters. 'To the Moon' is named in reference to a phrase we grew up saying with our mom and will say to her (and our children) for years to come -- I love you to the moon and back (again). 

After years of buying at market and shopping for our storefronts, we realized a need for trendy children's clothing that doesn't break the bank or baby embroidery blanks. Our first storefront, The Southern Rose, specializes in personalization and it was SO hard to find trendy baby blanks or toddler blanks for embroidery.

So, in 2019, MacKenzie (oldest sister) had her first child, Knox, and we fell in love with dressing him...only to notice the lack of children's clothing labels catering to the quick-growing kids, specifically boys. After years of research and planning, we began designing and sourcing for our brand - To the Moon. Madison (youngest) leads the social media and content creation, Morgan (middle sister) helps with product development and curation, and MacKenzie (oldest) offers up the models ;) 

Even in our "free" time, we are often found together hanging out - often dreaming & planning for what's to come for our children's brand. 

Thanks for being here - we love you all 'to the moon'!